Introduction Fax (short for facsimile, from Latin fac simile, make similar, i.e. make a copy) is a telecommunications technology used to transfer copies (facsimiles) of documents, especially using affordable devices operating over the telephone network. A fax server is a set of software running on a server which is equipped with one or more fax boards attached to telephone lines (or, software emulators which use T.38 (Fax over IP) technology to transmit the signal over an IP network). Current problem customers face with faxing.

  • The need to take a printout, walk to a fax machine, wait for an open connection, send the fax, return to the desk and file the fax away
  • No consolidation due to the fact that each floor must have atleast one fax machine or then each department has to have its own fax machine and must pay its own bills
  • Archival of faxes is difficult as incoming faxes need to be scanned and archived
  • No control on who can send faxes and where. Even if all outbound faxes are logged into a record register there is no analysis of the same and no reports are generated
  • Multiple fax machines and hence many phone lines, associated cost of consumables and AMCs. No standardisation
  • No confidentiality of incoming faxes and faxes get lost or misrouted.

How can fax server help in overcoming these?

  • Save money by reducing paper, phone lines, modems, stand-alone fax machines and related supplies and operational expenditure
  • Increase productivity by allowing users to fax directly from business applications
  • Shorten the business cycle by speeding document delivery
  • Help with compliance by providing a secure place for managing all document delivery
  • Automate fax, email and print delivery from key business applications thus optimising utilisation of resources
  • Directly deliver faxes to the right person to maintain complete confidentiality. Also confirmations for outbound faxes are sent directly to the sender.

Products we have to offer

OceanFaxOceanX Technology Ltd. is the leading provider of Oceanfax Fax Server. Oceanfax is the most innovative fax server in the world, which supports secure and reliable high-volume electronic document delivery by integrating them into E-mail, ERP, MFPs and FoIP. Oceanfax is certified for use by global technology giants including Cisco, Avaya, HP, Ricoh, IBM and Microsoft. For more information click here.

XMediusFaxXMediusFAX from Sagemcom is the most advanced and reliable IP fax software on the market, optimized to efficiently address the accelerating global TDM to IP migration trend. It delivers enhanced productivity, streamlined operations and lowers total cost of ownership. XMediusFAX’s field-proven technology can manage large fax volumes and deliver high levels of security, advanced integration and monitoring capabilities. For more information click here.

Equisys ZetaFax is a versatile, time saving and feature rich fax server software. It provides networked employees with the ability to write, send, receive, read, forward and store fax documents without leaving their desks. Zetafax supports ordinary modems as also intelligent fax boards for a reliable, cost effective solution. Zetafax can also be used to send text messages from the desktop, making it ideal for instant communications to customers and employees. For more information click here